Willow & Birch Ink

Trees are a magnificent metaphor for life. Just like humans, trees must adapt to the challenges life and nature may bring their way and often are marked with the scars that those challenges leave behind. As people, however, the emotional scars we are left with can be more impactful than the physical scars themselves.

At Willow & Birch Ink, I strive to provide a safe and serene environment where clients can transform physical and emotional scars through the healing art form of micropigmentation. I provide high quality services including scar camouflaging, areola restorative tattooing, and nano brow cosmetic tattooing.

The studio is a beautiful open space in Ravenswood, Chicago where I prioritize my clients’ unique needs and well-being, so that they feel comfortable, understood, and at ease. I am dedicated to understanding everyone’s personal story and helping them to find peace and beauty within themselves.

Begin your transformation.

Creating love in the world by

embracing the love in yourself