Willow & Birch Ink

Humans and trees share many commonalities, like how the rings of a tree mirror a human fingerprint, or how a knot forming over a wound on a tree resembles how scars form when healing the skin. Trees are remarkably resilient and they have the power to embrace and overcome those scars, forever growing, thriving, and always reaching towards the sunlight. I believe that same resiliency is rooted deep within the human soul. Willow & Birch Ink is inspired by the peace and mindfulness trees bring to our attention and the similarities we share in our existence. Through my tattooing services, I hope to aid in the journey towards turning insecurity into confidence.


There are more than 400 species of willow trees, which get their whimsical name from the way rain looks like tears when falling from its cascading branches. The willow symbolizes wisdom, dreams, focusing on personal reflection, and learning from the past. These captivating trees remind us about the importance of letting go and help us to understand that within every loss there is possibility for something new. They allow us to remember that grieving is a powerful aspect of humanity and a crucial step in the healing process. When we are able to recognize this and honor what we’ve been through in the past, we are truly able to accept peace in our hearts and move forward.


There are around 60 different species of birch trees, which are known to help revive biodiversity in a disrupted habitat, which is why they are strongly associated with rebirth. These trees encompass beauty, embody hope, and bring courage and determination into personal growth as we look towards the future. Birch trees help us to remember that when seeking a fresh start, there is so much opportunity when we recognize that we can thrive from any situation. These vibrant trees are uplifting, guiding our eyes upward to the bright and open sky, reminding us that endless possibilities are at our fingertips.

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